King Louie's in St. Louis

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    Tonight was the fourth farmer chef dinner this was phenominal....plain incredible!!! I have not had a meal like that in a long time.
    passed aps...lamb on flat bread with pepper aoili,charcutarie, warm polenta with cucumber
    (slightly pickled) and asiago ion top.

    Amuse bouche...white truffle burlee. in an egg shell the most incredible truffle custard with a tiny asiago frita covering the shell, nestled in a bed of salt.

    I went veg for the option.....potato crisp with squash adn is was wonderful......the others had salmon lox with fingerling potato salad

    tomato tartin....eggplant dab on side, nicoise olives. goat chees and baked tomatoes

    Veg entree....peeled red and yellow peppers stuffed with Israeli couscous with veg in a corn sauce puree with fried garbonzo beans (to die for) on a bed of greens with some dried fruit on top.

    Meat guys....dbl cut pork chop, fresh smoked bacon hunk,chopped and lightly breaded ham patty... on greens
    Roasted heirloom potatoes

    goat cheese on crouton with cherry

    Blackberry individual tart with honey ice cream
    (I had late harvest Vignole 97 from Stone Hill YUMMMMMMMMMMM)
    Kirk Warner is the chef, he was a vegetarian for 10 years and it shows....amazing!!!!
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    That sounds absolutely delicious. It's 10:20 AM right now but I can sure go for that at this minute. The veg entree sounds exactly like what I've been craving for the last few days, but I don't have the skills or imagination to pull it off. I just kept thinking that I wanted stuffed peppers with couscous and corn but I didn't want to just toss the couscous and corn together... the corn sauce would probably have been perfect. Oh my grumbling tummy!