King Crab and Salmon

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Wow an old friend just blew into town from Alaska and happened to stop by and give me 5lb of king crab legs as well as a couple of nice salmon flash frozen. Wish I had more friends like this as I love the bounty from Alaska.The gift is in the freezer for now but Im just wondering what to do with it? I cant be selfish and eat this in my closet by myself (or can I). Hmmmm, ya get and ya give so what kinda little party would you serve around this?Any thoughts my friends?Doug.............
P.S. Need more friends like this.......................
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I'm hugely into let the fish shine!!!!
alittle lemon butter dillweed on the salmon with the first of the year's corn
a sliced tomato salad with crab and alittle salad greens around....dab of remoulade or 1000 island (yep still love it after all these years)
berries in some form for dessert.
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I'm headed up that way in a few hours! I can't wait to enjoy the seafood.

Family friends once send two filets of salmon to my family long ago. I was given the honor of cooking it. I lightly oiled the fish and the grill, dusted it with salt and pepper and served it with lemon butter. Simple green salad with oil and vinegar and I'm not the only one who remembers that meal.
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