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    When I was younger, I worked for a chef named Doug Harris (NOT the Doug Harris of Spinnaker's).  He grew up in Arizona or New Mexico and moved to upstate NY to raise a family, which is where I met him.  It was very early on in my career, and he taught me *many* things, from easier ways to filet a salmon to how to make marbled chocolate, mousse-filled desserts.  That's all on top of all the Mexican techniques he taught me.  He moved to Texas to take a job as the EC at a Hilton, I believe, back in...maybe 2001.  I'm dying to get back in touch with him.  Does anyone here know of such a man?  He used to own a tiny little cantina called the "Arizona Cafe" back in the day, before I knew him.  Younger guy, maybe...crap maybe pushing 50 by now.  I'm not asking for his contact info; if you do know him, I'll give you mine to give to him.  This is a longshot but I figured I'd give it a try. :)