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    Hello All

    I've got a Kikuchi Carbon Elite Gyuto that has lousy edge retention. I've stayed around 15 degrees, reground and thined and worked the stone progression from 220, 1000,4000 all on Shapton glass stones. While I can get a great edge it wont hold for more than a couple of hours of professional prep. I'm using Boos boards for most everything, I've got good knife skills, dont abuse the edges and yet cant seem to get any life out of this edge.

    As a comparison my Fuji and Yoshihiro stainless gyutos have substantially better retention.

    I get this is SK4 steel, the same as my Fuji carbon Suji which actually holds a great edge,  did I just get a dog with this Kikuchi ?

    Any input or advice would be great.

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    I'm not sure about the steel in the gyuto (sk4?), but I have a the same model suji which is made of fairly low grade yellow steel--have the same issues--so guessing issue just may be more in the tempering process?  I do use more acute angle (10*--which is why I suspected mine didn't hold edge that long?) but certainly mine doesn't get used like your gyuto, so no real comparison there.  That being said, I do occasionally brunoise onions with it as well as use it to cut fruit (other reason I suspect my edge doesn't last so long) so not using the knife in the traditional sense, but certainly not using it for hours on end...

    Overall, mine is fine for home use--it still gets pretty darn sharp, just have to hit the stones more often--kind of a bonus for a home user as most of my other knives rarely need sharpening--so get some practice sharpening a long thin blade:>) 


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