KFC gm'd?

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Someone please tell me that my son is pulling my leg. KFC does not use gm'd chickens modified to have virtually no heads and boneless wings? I don't believe it, I think.
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Ever seen a boneless chicken farm? It's not a pretty sight. Chickens laying around all over the place. Even the free range chickens just lay there. No exercise at all. Where's PETA when you need them?!?:p
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this is actually a true story.
The colonel, in his older years, had this done to relieve one of his biggest problems with the chickens.
You see, everytime he visited the chop shop ,those poor bast--ds saluted and gave him the Bronx cheer.
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KFC is currently marketing what they call "boneless chicken wings". They looked like heavily-breaded monstrosities to me. Why not just say they're dark meat chicken "tenders" and be done with it?? I'm guessing that's what they are.
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Thanks for all the info. My son's a bit of a wag, so I didn't know whether to put it down to tweaking mom or tweaking facts. Internet myth-making sounds like a good explanation.

I seldom eat FF, but my aging kitty's appetite can sometimes be stimulated by FF chicken. It makes you wonder when she favors KFC over Bell and Evans: WHAT's in it that turns her appetite button on?


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Humans have been involved in genetic modification since the beginning of the agricultural age. We have created cows that give gallons upon gallons of milk per day, created vast breeds of dogs, made heartier, more disease resistent plants, created new and wonderful fruits, and have created chickens with more developed breasts and under-developed wings and legs. So I can't say that I am against genetic manipulation as a whole, but I do think scientists are going too far, too fast when they start directly altering genes. We have yet to understand the ramifications of such sever acts to nature and ourselves.

While such articles, such as the ones about KFC, make amusing (to me personally) stories and may offer up a warning to mankind about ''playing god'', they are just not true. Groups such as PETA use these and other tactics to try and scare the population into becoming vegetarians.
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So are we talking about Pamela Lee or what ? Humans have learned how to manipulate plants , animals , and even our own
selves to be that which we want and desire . Is it good or bad ?
Who knows ? Change is one of the rules of life ! Paradox and Humor being the other 2 . Doug.....................
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I saw an egg farm in Tenesee 10 years ago... not pretty. No beaks, no legs, rubber plunger glued to tubes in place of beaks for push button feeding...on and on. I didn't eat an omellete for 2 years. I like KFC. I'm blissfully ignorant;)


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Well they do make interesting reading, The Globe & National Enquirer will testify to that..

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