Ketchup Couverture

Joined Jun 14, 2002
It's on my list of stuff to buy with money I don't have list.

Imagine this stuff on popcorn!
Joined Nov 20, 2000
Not necessarily a big fan of much molecular cooking, but I have to admit, that's pretty cool!
Joined Oct 10, 2005
That was my first thought too, but it isn't molecular cooking.

Guy just made a flavoured couverure.  Rather than use pure milk powder (a'la white choc) he used powdered ketchup.  All the rules and laws of chocolate are respected and worked with.  Geez I though I was original when I made "ravioli" using marzipan and a ravioli board for bon-bons.

Me?  I getting ready for Christmas now.  Just did a sample of a giant (3 kg) 50 cm Santa and a bunch of smaller ones ready for some prospective clients. 

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