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Not a great time to discover our freezer had the power plug pulled by accident. It had lots of frozen bottles of water (now water), a lamb roast, turkey rolls, supermarket crumbed fish and some beef mince. All thawed out. I REALLY don't want to waste precious food at this time. A thermometer tells me it is currently 9 degrees C (48 degree farenheit).

can any it of be refrozen?
If I cook it will it be safe to eat?
Could I cook and then freeze?
Any other advice?


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In a strict sense, it should all go. It's likely been in the danger zone too long.

But personally the lamb roast would get a second look and consideration. Everything else you list isn't as stable and more prone to badness.
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Is this a home freezer of commercial? If commercial you should absolutely throw the food away and there are ways to claim it as a loss. You should probably consider the same precautions for home use as well, but use your judgement. I don't know your personal situation and with everything going on in the world right now if you cannot afford (financially or resource wise) to lose the food. It will also depend what type of thermometer you used, where it was located and if that was the chest temperature or the temperature of the food itself.
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It sucks but I'd probably pitch it all. If anything in the center is still very cold that might be okay but if you're in a commercial setting it's not worth the risk. Let it be a teachable moment, though. Your closing list and/or line checks should now include checking all the coolers and freezers. Unplugged freezers usually take a couple to a few days to thaw, definitely someone should have noticed it before everything was lost.
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Funny, I disagree. I'd cook all of it ASAP. (It's probably too late to say this, of course.) If you get it good and hot -- like 170F -- nothing's going to live in it. If it smells bad, chuck it, obviously, but otherwise it seems to me the worst that could happen is it'll have a nasty texture and a funny smell.

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