Kebab/Shoarma Dressing

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Hi All,
I`m looking for a traditional recipe of a kebab dressing... problem is that in Netherlands I can only find garlic/mayo based.. but on google it says that traditional is yogurth basis with herbs (not garlic). What`s a REAL Kebab/Shoarma sauce? Thank you.
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I don't think there is a single real such sauce as this is served over a wide region with lots of variation. toum is such a variation and is essentially a garlic mayo sauce.

Moosir is a yogurt based sauce of some of that region and you might like that.

I'd lean towards a lemon, olive oil, tahini vinaigrette I think with a little garlic, which is similar to dressings I've been served with these before. Moosir or even a variation on tatziki would be good, a yogurt, garlic and cucumber sauce.
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I agree with phatch.
Shoarma and kebabs are quite different things and again differ per country/region or even family.
As far as I know, Shoarma is normally served in pita bread. However, where I am, it always comes wrapped in something more resembling a chapati, even at the Lebanese places :confused:

When I make shoarma, I use the spice mixture as described here:
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