Kashmiri chilli powder

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Firstly, I'm no chef, just someone who enjoys cooking. But recently I've decided to learn how to cook some authentic Indian food. It seems to me that kashmiri chilli powder is preferred by most people. So my question is, how is it different from regular chilli powder? Does it make a big difference to the flavour of the dish?

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If it's the same kashmiri chili powder that I get in the Indian stores here, it's hot. Very hot. I think it's just ground hot chilis.
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Kashmiri Chili powder (aside from giving the dish heat) is primarily responsible for that deep red color you find often in dishes from those parts of the world.
I have substituted it on several occasions (especially when overseas in Europe) with regular chili powder (not cayenne, as cayenne has it's own flavor) and then a good dash of some Hungarian paprika powder - for the color :)

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