Karma, greed and the NewYork cheesecake

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Tubs of various creams were being reduced to silly money, pennies and I greedily hauled the majority into my trolley...Well christmas is coming, its bound to be useful...

...2 busy days later I remember the cream and an evening i had planned went out the window...I had to use this bloody cream up. 

I made a chicken pie filling to freeze. Pepper sauce to freeze. The richest bechamel you ever tasted to freeze.

Then came the cheesecake. everything went well till It came to the sourcream topping . as I was putting it back in the oven for the last 10 minutes, the springform pan came apart and my kitchen was splattered.

2 pounds of creamcheese wasted...All that effort... Karma sure as h**ll bit me in the a**e for my greed

Next time I'll take a couple and leave the rest 

Curious to know if Karma ever gave you a bite too
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Before I discuss my Karma experience, I have a suggestion.

Ever try and bake a cheesecake in a non-spring form cake pan? I only use a 10" x 3" cake pan, well-sprayed with Vegaline and a parchment circle. Since I bake mine in a hot water bath, it saves me from having to put foil around the bottom. They also come out nice and high.

To remove the (completely cooled/chilled) cheesecake, put an inch of very hot water in the sink or a larger cake pan. Place the cheesecake in the hot water, for about a minute. Then place a plate or a cardboard on top and invert the cheesecake. It should slide right out. Then flip it back over. This may seem like extra steps, but you'll never have to worry about a spring form pan popping open.

My Karma nightmare involved cheesecake also. I was using 12 lbs of cream cheese. I added all my ingredients. When creaming the cream cheese and sugar, I noticed it wasn't looking quite right. I tasted the batter. Instead of adding 8 cups of sugar, I added 8 cups of salt!! I didn't realize our restaurant had started using 50 lb. bags of salt, instead of the 16 oz. tubs. An expensive mistake!!

Happy baking and cooking!
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