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Merry Christmas from Kansas City! Having a wonderful time visiting friends before heading south to see my family, but folks here always seem to want to know about the food...

Had dinner tonight at Pierponts in the renovated Union Station - which is beautiful, by the way. It was certainly worth the at least 2 mile hike from where Sharon made me park so I could walk through the new sky walks...

Started with some lovely crab cakes dressed in a mustard based sauce - I know there is a name for this type of sauce but it's late and I just don't remember.

My favorite course was actually the salad. Mixed greens with thin sliced sweet pears, gorgonzola, spiced walnuts and dressed in a chocolate-balsalmic vinegrette! Absolutely to die for.

Sharon had the sea bass, which was really tempting and tasted very good. I had lemon sole wrapped around a blue crab roulade. The roulade was exquiste.

The service was exceptional. Didn't feel rushed, but as we finished each course, the waitress was there to clear and the next course arrived. I don't know how the chef timed things so well, especially as I lingered over the salad.

If you are expecting me to talk about dessert - forget it! We walked aroun Union Station and hiked back to the Hyatt to go to Skies for dessert and coffee, only to find it had quite a wait. So, we came home, drank a little chambord and watched movies.

Hope that everyone is having a great holiday!
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May I add my Kansas City rave? STROUD'S! They serve the fried chicken of my dreams. Their motto (available on T-shirts) is: We Choke Our Own Chickens which sound gross but makes for the freshest, most flavorful bird.
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Well it's seems that kansas city has done well by you nancy.

The chocolate-balsamic vinaigrette seems,Um..different.
I would love to hear more about the flavor of that dressing.

The sauce you had with the crab cakes may have been a type of remoulade. This is a mustard/mayo sauce..sometimes has anchovey,cornichons,capers,parsly and tarragon (this is how I make it)

Any way Nancy, Thanks for sharing from Kansas city and I want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday.

Suzanne...I gotta get me one of those T shirts:D
any web site?
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Remoulade was the word I was looking for CC! The chocolate-balsamic vinegrette was not heavy on the chocolate -- to quote Sharon, it was "really good." We should have asked how it was made.

Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas!


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What a great meal Nancy!

I must say I am also very intrigue by the chocolate vinaigrette.
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Shopping, swimming and eating! Sometimes I really miss being near a bigger city.

Had lunch at Strouds today, Suzanne, it's been a long time since I've eaten there. They no longer advertise that they choke their own chickens - at least not at the northland restaurant. Good chicken though!

Sharon took me to a sports bar named Barley's that had really superb creme brulee. What made it really special was the sauce made from dark chocolate and stout beer. Delicious.

Dinner at Garozzo's. Kansas City is still pretty famous for it's Italian restaurants. I had a lovely spiedini di pollo stuffed with aritchoke hearts with an alfredo sauce. No dessert tonight either. But a nice cup of coffee Garozzoz's. Sharon had bistecca modiga made with a yummy white wine, butter, and mushroom sauce.

I just may never eat again. Lucky we went swimming today and worked off some of these carbs!

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