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My first post. Here goes...

I've got family visiting me in Australia and thought I'd do the whole shebang with Aussie food.

I'm quite the amateur with cooking but I thought about pulled kangaroo and can't find recipes online. There is one blog saying don't do it as its too dry when slow cooked because it's so lean.

I like my bone broths so was considering doing kangaroo bone broth and then slow cooking the meat in that. Then maybe finishing it off with a plum sauce.

Anyone got any advice? I don't like the idea of a stew or curry as it will be summer here.

Thanks in advance
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I admit to zero knowledge of the use of kangaroo as a dinner table protein but have cooked lots of game in my lifetime.

So will post what I do know re wild game in general.

I s'pose the age of the animal will play a large part as to which method will yield the best outcome.

A broth braise sounds sensible.

When faced with trying to tenderize a roast from a mature (read big and old lol) deer I use my crockpot cooker (if it will fit) or a pressure cooker (if it won't).

Along with a low sodium beef broth I add in some chunked up onions and a handful of smashed garlic some fresh thyme and salt and pepper.

Be aware that wild game can be stringy if not sliced thinly across the grain.

Could be dry as well so have a jus and or gravy in mind.

Will this kanga be from the wild or raised with the intent of selling to the public?

I only ask because if from the wild there may be parasites and other nasties to watch out for.

Seems that Australia has more than its fair share of deadly creepy crawlers and am certain you would hate to expose anyone to something that might have a not so nice after effect.


I like warmed mincemeat along side of the stronger flavored meat.

Of course I like cold mincemeat from the jar as well so take it with a grain of salt.



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