Just wanted to share my good news

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:) Well friends after a few days of negotiations, I signed on today as a Chef Instructor at The Conn Center for Culinary Arts. I will start April 19th when the new Module begins, and my first class will be teaching Classical French Cuisine and it's history. I am very excited and thank you all for your beautiful words of encouragement.

I have not been this excited in many years

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I am SO happy for you! But I'm even happier for your future students. They are very lucky indeed. This is SO exciting! What wonderful news!
I'll drink a toast to you tonight, my friend. :D
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There's nothing like teaching. And that first day of class: overlooking a room full of wide-eye cabbage heads with freshly washed faces into which you instill your own knowledge and experience and transform them into cognizant human beings. You, YOU have control.
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Hey people can you imagine how lucky those guys are???? Having cape chef teaching them French Cooking?? Well Brad French cooking is so you I am so glad and envious of your students. :) Break your leg.
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Thanks all,

I can't wait to start.

Hey, I was thinking about keeping a journal and posting about my experience as a teacher.We have had a couple great journals from students, how about from an instructors perspective? Suzanne, Can you help me with my spelling? :eek:
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Congrats CC !!. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your new position. Have fun. :)
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I was entertaining the notion of returning to school, but kokopuffs changed all that with the cabbage head comment :eek:

Congratulations, CC! I look forward hearing more about your job and experiences at the school.
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Considering how much I've learned just from reading your posts here, your future students are very lucky.


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Very cool :cool: Brad, very cool! I am elated for you, I know how much you wanted to do this. I really couldn't be happier for you. You really are the embodiment of knowledge in your field and the love you have for it will no doubt be transferred to your students. Don't worry about the spelling, you're not teaching English! :D
Best wishes and great fortune L'Chayim :beer:
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Congratulations, Brad! I love the journal idea; as you said, it's a whole new perspective (both for students and prospective teachers) and I don't know that it's been done before on any food website. It'd be a great addition to the front page, but start anytime you want in the forums.
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Congratulations. Cape Chef! After reading your posts here for the last few years I can't think of or have met someone more qualified than you to give to your students something so often missing from but in great need of in young culinary students. A clue. Thanks in advance and again thank you from your students' future potential employers.
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Dear Peachcreek,

Those words mean a lot to me coming from someone like you.
I have always felt that you are truely grounded in our buisness and are very bright and thoughtful.Would love to have my students work for a pro like you
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I so envy you, not only being able to cook but being able to create and share the culinary arts with eager minds! Keep us posted and don't be afraid to share a recipe (or three).
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Too wonderful!!! You've wanted this for so long I'm glad that your dream is coming to fruition. I'd love to hear about your experiences in the classroom.
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