Just want to say thank you to you all!

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I love, love , love this site! Thank you all so much for your feedback and input, already. I hope I can be of help or support to you all sometime soon- the way you have already helped me so much- just knowing this community is out there. This is such a positive site, a "site" for poor, tired chef's eyes. (ha ha I know that was lame!)
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Welcome to ChefTalk, Chefmeow! You seem very energetic despite saying you're a "tired, old chef".

What do you like to cook? Are there any local products you enjoy using?

Joined Apr 14, 2004
Hi Mezzaluna! Thank you for saying I am very energetic, I am very often described as that, but they don't see me at home, at the end of the day, in my comfy clothes, long hair all over the place after it being up day, just veggin' out!
I love to cook Mediterranean inspired dishes- southern Italy, Greek, Lebanese, and just now Asian inspired, especially Thai, is my new passion. I also love good ole' Heartland USA cooking- meat and potatoes- especially smoked meats. I guess my Irish heritage lends well to that. What do you like to cook?

What's your favorite ingredient (mine has to be garlic!!!!- Thinking about going to the Gilroy Garlic Festival!!) Please tell me what your name means- I knew Italian once upon a time- is it "before the moon"?

As to local products, unfortunately- as I posted on another thread, our local beef is no longer acceptable in our "master order guide" - it is such bs -mad cow scare- nothing from the US has tested positive for mad cow. So, "sigh", I miss our fabulous local beef. However, it is spring is here and we work with a local produce company. We had fava beans !!!! not too long ago- yum yum! We are getting great microgreens (out of KC), I am getting them now while prices are reasonable.
Thanks for responding and hopefully we will visit (a midwest term ) again soon!
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