Just to say Hola!!!

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Warm greetings from sunny Puerto Rico. I feel very fortunate to have been recomended to this forum, and hope to share my love and passion for everything "cuisine" JIJI! I will feel honored to share some of my knowledge with all of you and will be grateful when anyone brings light to my doubts. I love History of Grastronomy, Spanish Cuisine, Both Classical And New (Nueva Cocina Espanola), Food from the Caribbean Islands, and many many more...just ask.

Hasta La Vista!
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Hello Coqui! Thank you for the information about your interests and yourself. We'll look forward to your posts and insights.
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¡Hola, Coqui! ¿Como estas? Welcome to ChefTalk!

I just took a wonderful master class on Puerto Rican food from Patricia Wilson, who used to own a restaurant in Old San Juan. It was fascinating! So many influences, so many flavors. I definitely look forward to chatting with you about it!

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