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Joined Feb 22, 2014
After taking a 8 year semi hiatus from cooking to raise my babies, I have been catering local events here and there. I originally wanted to to personal chef stuff, but there doesn't seem to be a big need, seems like I will be more successful catering small events.  I am not really interested in doing large events--I enjoy doing events less than 100 people. My question is, now that I am working more, I feel like I should make it legit and get my business license. Would you agree this is my next step? I am mostly cooking out of a synagogue kitchen (I do kosher food) happens to be where my husband works. They are not charging me, and I know it is not really ok because they are not permited to have me there, but I am only doing an event here and there (2-3 a month). 

So, what should my next step be? Should I just continue working "under the radar" until business pick up?

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