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    first of all i want to say that this is my first post in this forum so if i did something incorrectly please tell me:
    now that is out of the way i just started to wright recipes and i really can use harsh criticism or just advice any will do.

    fried chicken for brother:
    1. marinade 1 chicken in buttermilk and hot sauce 6 hours
    2. dredge well with flour and 1T paprika 1Tcayenne 1Tgarlic powder 2Tsalt
    3. fry (i don't know what is the best temperature)
    4. drain and serve with lemon yogurt (225g yogurt, 3g salt, 2g zest, 9g lemon juice) i don't make the blue the blue cheese dip because my friends and family don't like blue cheese, but i still want to have something to balance the hotness of the fried chicken.

    citrus salsa 1q:
    lime, orange, grapefruit peeled and cut 1c each
    1jalapeno chilli seeded and minced
    1fresno chilli seeded and minced
    1habanero seeded and minced
    1small red onion minced
    2T lime juice
    (9g olive oil = 1g guar gum) mixed
    salt to taste

    pickled mango salsa 1q:
    (2finger chilli
    6 thin ginger salsa
    5g salt
    1c water
    1c viniger
    1/4c sugar
    1t cumin seeds
    1cinamon stick)
    2 mango small dice
    1/2c cucumber small dice
    1 red onion minced
    2T lime
    1T olive oil
    2T pickling liquid

    salsa fresca 1q:
    2c small dice tomato (which kind is best?)
    1c red onion minced
    3 jalapeno seeded and minced
    (3-4g salt + garlic) make paste
    2T lime 1T olive oil
    (thought about maybe adding avocado for rich flavor or to add pineapple)

    grill braining mixture for chicken:
    olive oil 2c
    lemon juice 1c
    lemon peel

    poached small egg:
    1 poached egg
    1beacon strip cut and fried
    lime zest (or lemon i am not sure)
    butter and water emulsion
    1t caviar
    1. put the egg in the butter
    2. lay it on the caviar
    3. put some beacon and zest

    if you actually reed all my post thank you. Please tell me your opinion so i can improve.
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    Welcome to Cheftalk.

    #1 Spelling

    #2 all ingredients should be listed first. . Do not introduce ingredients in the instructions.
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    What @Chefross said.

    Most written recipes begin with an ingredient list complete with measurements.
    Either by volume or weight.... try to stick to one or the other although I have used successful recipes that weigh everything and then come in with spices in volume measures.
    List the ingredients in the order they will be used and if it needs prep other that just measure note this with the ingredient (ie chopped or shredded or mashed)

    About the ingredients..... nothing irritates me more than an ambiguous amt.
    Such as 2 bananas , mashed...can't we just mash enough bananas to fill a measuring cup or weigh after it has been peeled?

    Most often you will start your instructions with a few housekeeping chores such as the size and type of vessel , preheat oven to such and such (I am obviously talking about baking here but that is what I know) .
    Don't forget to address any prep the vessel may need such as buttered or buttered and dusted with flour, crumbs, cocoa....

    From there you just step it off.
    1. Cream butter and sugar until light yellow in color and fluffy in texture.
    2. Add eggs one at a time ,incorporating each before adding the next.

    You may need to change your instructions several times (ask someone to prepare the dish and if it is not what you had in mind figure out where the communication broke down) before you are satisfied with the outcome.

    Hope I have been of some help.
    I see you are a culinary student.... I trust this was not a homework assignment.
    OBTW... welcome to Chef Talk.

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    That sounds awesome! I will definitely have to try all those recipes. Do you cook the chicken in a cast iron skillet? I have found that the best to cook almost anything in and easy cleanup since you are not supposed to use dish soap to clean. The bacon sounds like a great addition to the poached egg.
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    Try pineapple in your salsa fresca.
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    I am a home chef and have had a tremendous amount of success with dishes turning out just fine with just guess measuring and have written plenty of recipes down in a book without measurements and I have remembered the recipes just fine, even baking, made a gluten-free loaf of bread yesterday and it turned out great! I am fully aware a lot of baking requires exact measurements unless one has been baking for a series amount of years! 
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    That's a great attribute, I do the same but we're talking about recipes others will read and try.

    With no amounts and sketchy directions many people would be at a loss.
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    When I write any recipe, other than just for myself, I always assume that the reader has no clue how to cook.  Explain everything.  If your onions are to be diced, is that small, large, medium?  How hot to cook something and for how long.    When it comes to recipe writing its always better to assume that your reader knows very little.  An experienced cook can often glance at a recipe and know what to do, but an inexperienced cook may not understand something that you take for granted, knowing how to do it.

    For example, in your first recipe, how much buttermilk, and how much hot sauce?  Especially when working with spicy foods I usually note how much to add for a mild heat and how much is required to give it a kick, then the reader can decide how much to add
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