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i have salary information from the discover program at school but i want to compare that to what a real chef says.
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guess ill have to call NASA and find out which plane of existence Im living on. No more help from this non existent cook.

See ya kid.


Better start working on those people skills or youll keep shooting yourself in the foot.
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what i meant to say is i didnt want stastits from a computer, I am sorry if it sounded i said you are not a real chef is that all the information i have is from a computer and computers are not chefs.
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When someone shows up to complain how caustic you were, I've got your back. I don't think we have to live in the Zen Zone to peacefully co-exist. Some people deserve feedback like this and I believe we shouldn't be afraid to give it. I applaud you.
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To nobody in general:

If Stormie asks a bunch of chefs what the average chef makes or what they make anyway...Stormie will get lots of different answers. The statistics from salary.com are from industry research of what a chef makes. It gives the middle number (the median): what the average chef makes....broken down by position too and is more accurate. Salary also depends on what state you live in. That's why I sent Stormie to salary.com.

I just don't like feeling like chopped liver ok. :rolleyes: Think I will go make some cookies to let off a little steam.
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Maybe i shpuld restate my question. I would like to know how much a chef makes. The thing is i choose to research this career because i was thinking on becoming a chef and know that i found out there are people like Shawtycat i am not wanting to explore the career possibilites so if Shawtycat want to be helpful then be helpful but if Shawtycat doent then can Shawtycat please keep it to your self.Thank you


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Most professionals aren't going to blab what they make in a public forum for the scrutiny and mockery of others. It's no one else's business. Besides which, you have no guarantee of the accurateness of the claim, nor even if the claimant is a chef.

The salary.com reference is your best and most reliable source.

Trust us, Shawtycat is well respected and nice and professional. Her answer was good and the best you'll get.

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Hey Stormie if you asked a lawyer how much does he/she make probably he/she would faint the next minute!!
Or worse you would get a suspicious look that you are the tax man under cover.:D

A good project in English means that you haven't found all the answers :) "No answer" is an answer as well.It shows that you searched.

Tell your teacher that you tried but the professionals for obvious reasons do not talk about that, get all the documentation you need from a reliable source as the one our friends here suggested :)
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People in this business are hesitant to talk about how much they make, for a lot of reasons. One reason is that we are not making the tons of money that we "should" be making for the amount of time and effort we put into our jobs. In the American culture, the more money you make, the higher your status. To admit that you have chosen work that won't make you rich can make you look foolish to some "outsiders," as Phatch said.

But just making money is not why we do this kind of work. Of course we want to make a decent living and provide for our families. But there is something called "intrinsic satisfaction" we get from the work itself, that we get because we love what we're doing.

Think carefully about WHY you are interested in becoming a chef. Don't be discouraged because you can't find out easily about how much you might earn, or because not everyone is "nice" to you. That's probably true in ALL careers. At least, it's true in all the other careers I've had!;)

You might try looking at the International Association of Culinary Professionals website. They may have information on average wages/fees, etc. But that should not be the deciding factor for you. Look into your heart, and your head, and your stomach too!
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I work in a small café at the corner of my street. I am the executive chef. I make $650 000 plus benefits.


If you're going to look for answers on the web, you should arm yourself with a hefty dose of proverbial salt, yes? ;)
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Are we talking U.S. dollars or Loonies? I am a general manager of a post-California cuisine bistro in the U.S. I make $2.15 per hour and all the stale bread I can eat.......Anneke, please pass the salt, the bread is a little bland today.
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Okay crew. This is an educational forum in a PROFESSIONAL site. Let's keep our eye on the ball and remember what ChefTalk is all about.
Enough said. This thread is closed.
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