Just once,,,.

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Argh!  Just once is all I ask.. that I can work on meat and potatoes and not end up with a splatter burn that blisters!  I was turning the homefries and some grease splashed up onto my hand.  Now I have a blister on my knuckle.. nice.. so all weekend I get to wear a bandaid and a finger cot on it.  I know why some people wear gloves while working that station but I can't cook in gloves.. the heat just gets to me and while I don't get burned my hands feel like they're cooking themselves. 

After a stressful day (employee issues, light in the walk in died so I had to do the orders by flashlight.. more staff relations issues) that was just the icing on the cake!  lol
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I hear ya girl

In the summer months when my arms are exposed for all to see....well I have some burns put it mildly . It's war wounds from being in the trenches for almost 30 years!  People ask questions ..the scars are not that bad they look like cat scratches! I'd rather that than saddle butt from being a pencil pusher!
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[email protected] saddle butt

I bruise easily and I'm always bumping into something or having something bump into me and in the summer my war wounds are there for all to see. No one asks questions but I'm sure they wonder what kind of klutz I am or something...
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Last monthy saw the doctor for an anual checkup, he noticed burn marks on my fore arms  and asked about them.

"Oh, those? Sticky convection oven door.  Been bugging and bugging them to get it fixed".

He looked at me wild eyed, like I had just confessed to dropping bannana peels infront of the old folk's home, and then went on thumping my back and listening through his stethascope.....

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