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My name is Frizbee and I am a 32 yr old freshmen at J&W in Charleston. I have been in the industry for about 10 yrs split about 60/40 FOH time. My passion has always been food and recently decided to take the university plunge.
Its been really cool although I miss my son. I have a 6 yr old that I had to make the painful decision to leave him at home in NC to make this happen. I am a single mom.
However I am finding that what I am there to learn more then proper basic cooking techniques is how to function in a kitchen with ppl of less experience then I. Oh and how to make good baguettes...lol
Anyway just found your forum and I look forward to contributing on some of the topics discussed.
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Hey, Frizbee- welcome to Chef Talk. We're glad you found us. You must be very committed to culinary work to go through what you're experiencing.

Hang around any forum for the best (and most inclusive) food talk on the web. Since baguettes attract you, don't miss the baking forums, either.

Nice to meet you!

Joined Sep 27, 2003
Thanks for making me feel welcome. That baguette comment was more an inside joke. I forget sometimes when posting that people do not know me personally you know...just always seems so inviting. The deal is I am not a fan at all of baking. For my first class I had to take Baking and Pastry. Well the item I pulled for my practical was baguettes and I was relieved. And scored a 14 1/2 out of 15 on them. They just weren’t as big as they should have been. I didn't let them rest long enough, is what I was told.
Yeah I am serious about my passion for food and about this being a way for me to create a good life for my son. It is a sacrifice now and I hope it will be well worth it later on down the road you know?
I have loved the content that I have read over the past week or so and I couldn't wait anymore; I wanted to sign up so that I could maybe add my two cents here and there as well.
See ya on the boards!

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