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I'm not sure how many people on here are form other countries and if here in US or in the area where you live in US has the type of food or cuisine available to you. well i live in Louisville and for me to find food that is common to where I'm from, Uzbekistan by the way, is hard to find and nothing around here can come close to it. so my father, through a friend, finds this restaurant in Cincinnati, oh that does Uzbek food. we just came back and tell you what, one of the best meals i have had in a while. the name is Oasis and the owner along with the staff are from Uzbekistan.(this is better than the place me and mother went in Philadelphia called Uzbekistan) we had kebabs one  was the grounded lamb and beef kebab along with a soup and samosa cooked in a tandoori oven imported from Uzbekistan and they make bread in it as well. best trip i had in a whole and experienced some lost memories of eating foods like this when i was home. this is what makes me want to cook even more and have people experience the same thing when they eat my food. the only thing we didnt do was hit up the russian store but that is because i have to go to work. thanks just wanted to share 
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   Congrats Skatz!

   Food is certainly exciting and comfort food will always bring back familiar flavors as well as many memories.  Of course, finding the comfort food I grew up on (in the MidWest) is a whole lot easier than finding yours.

   I'm glad you found a little piece of your home in your new location /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

   Do you have a recipe that you would like to share?  something that reminds you of those flavors you miss so much.

   thanks for sharing!

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skatz, sounds like you had a great time! I can totally relate to your experience being from another country myself. I definitely think that a HUGE part of what makes food good is what emotions you have attached to it, and nothing is stronger than the emotions you've had in your childhood.
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the bread is nice its not good just cause its in the tandoori it the way they make it. golden brown, crispy with sesame seeds on top. 

one of my favorites is kebabs lamb(cubed) marinated in red wine vinegar, onions and then some coriander and cumin. you can marinate an hour if fresh or up to a day. then put it on skewers and grilled. then once done some thinly sliced onions, red wine vinegar, and cilantro. you can make this ahead and once the kebabs are done take those onions with cilantro and vinegar and put  it on top. Its good with the tandoori bread, pita or flat bread will work fine.You cant forget about the salad made with onion, tomato and cucumber salad(you can add scallions instead of onion, you can add garlic and cilantro).

that same mixture or meat,onion, cumin coriander can be grounded and used as stuffing in either grape leaves(my favorite) or pelmeni (its russian but its  because of the soviet influence) which is in the shape of a tortellini but stuffed with that filling and cooked  in a nice broth or good when fried(yeah it my favorite). its pretty simple and versatile. the list goes on but that's some of my favorites and since i just got my pasta machine I'm gonna be making some soon!!
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Sounds delicious, I'll have to look into finding an Uzbek restaurant in NY to try it for myself.

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Is it the round bread?  I did a Google search for Uzbek bread and got plenty of round breads with the braided outside.  They look yummy, but I'm sure this isn't what you're talking about.

PICTURES MAN PICTURES!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif
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if I had to describe bread it would be a slightly larger and thicker version of Pita Bread golden brown great tasta and aroma cooked on the inner  side walls of the oven..
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right that is whats it called i forgot to say it, thank you
Sounds delicious, I'll have to look into finding an Uzbek restaurant in NY to try it for myself.

This thread should be moved to the Restaurant Dining Experiences section.
oh man you live in new york they have plenty of places that have this food, most are Arabic. when i visited my cousin he took me to one but i dont rememmber where. my mom has been  to a few of them in NY

Kuan the braided bread you seen was usually eaten on special holidays, at least that's when i ate it back at home. a lil more expensive. this is funny cause i just googled and found a you tube vid and you can see how they make the bread.At 9:46 you can see the finished product is what i ate and use to eat. 

they also make samosa which is layers of dough filled with lamb, thinly sliced or small diced onions, cumin and coriander, salt and pepper. And these are cooked in the tandoori oven and are very good.
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Skatz85,  I live in United Kingdom,  love foods with spices and exotic ingredients, and have really enjoyed your posts.  

We are lucky here in England (United Kingdom),  as we have many Middle Eastern stores that sell all of the delicious flavourings, and my latest acquisition is wonderful Rose Petal Jam, which I use in lamb or meat dishes.  I have also been interested recently in Persian Cuisine so am looking forward to trying some out, the use of pomegranate molasses, walnuts, pistachios etc., etc., just sends my senses reeling,  oh dear I am making myself hungry.

Well I have copied out the recipes you have so kindly given us, and look forward to trying them out soon./img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif/img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif
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