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Hello all, 

So I graduated a few months ago and I have been asked to prepare home cooked meals for a a friend of mine child who is off at college. She wanted me to come up with some type of price list for her child. After talking with her and her child to see how I could help, well she wants me to make her child at least 3-4 meals a week and she would pay me. 

Now her child had spread the word that I would be making his meals weekly and I gotten questions on how much do I charge? Now my question is if I wanted to do this for other college students what do you think would be fair pricing for a college student, knowing that their budget could be a little small? I was thinking to include and reward or point system to earn half off or a free meal

Thanks to anyone that may be able to help me figure this one out
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Let's clarify a couple of things. The student in question is now in college. So they are not a child. They won't be paying for the meals, the mother will. So a college student's budget is not your concern. Like wise any friends of the college student. Their parents will pay. 

Second, don't worry about points off or free meals just yet. You don't have any business yet and you are already discounting. 

     What do the clients think of as home cooked meals? Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs or  lobster and steak

Most college areas have plenty of cheap restaurants that accommodate college students. Pizza, Chinese food and other ethnic eateries, burger joints, etc. What is the importance of "home cooked" meals? A good diner should offer plenty of them. 

Are you cooking in the student's apartment? In your apartment? Dropping the meals off? 

What you charge will depend on these and other factors. Who does the shopping? If you do, that's time you need to charge for. 

Who is keeping the raw food refrigerated until it is cooked? Another cost to account for. 

This all sounds like a nice idea but not very practical on a "cheap" basis. 

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