just got back after seizure..

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I had a grand mal seizure on Easter morning and just got back to work yesterday. Still kinda realing from the whole thing. We had 700 on the books for Easter and some other events during the week, but I was pretty much down for the count. Now mothers day is coming up and I'm on restricted duty so I will end up with that off too. Not the best way to get it off but I haven't had either one off in 16 years so I'll take it.....I should be OK if I just stick with my meds. I sure don't want to go through that again!!!!!
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So sorry to hear about that. Never had it off in 16 years !? You need to lay low .....I just hope with proper rest and the right meds you will be able to pull through this ordeal. You a are hard working Chef and just by your Photos , its all a testament to how wonderful you truly are in your domain. I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope your feeling better very soon.

All the best to you Fryguy

It makes us realize how precious life really is.
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  I'm really sorry to hear about your event. You're on restricted duty. Pace yourself. Something like this might get you believing

that you "work to live" not "live to work". You can still be passionate. Take your meds. If you haven't taken it before, develope a routine so that you don't forget. I switched to a kids chewable, tegretol, so I remember. a bracelet is also not a bad idea.

Glad you are up and around

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The doctor has me working no more than 5 day's a week and no more than 8 hours a day and I feel like I'm not doing my share.....but that is 40 hours a week, that is full time. I'm just so use to doing alot more that I feel like I'm cheating. I guess I just got to learn how to chill a little.
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Fryguy, take it easy, you will be back to your old self in no time............I remember when I first got into this business, I worked a real long week and my boss walked up to me and said, Hey Bill, you worked a lot this week why don't you just work a 1/2 day today. As he was walking away he yelled 12hrs...............Funny man...............take care......Chefbillyb
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what is it that's said when these things occur? they are meant to slow you down, to force you to look at the 'big picture', warts and all...maybe it means a bit of a lifestyle change, but for now it means to heal...listen to your doctor and your body!...take the downtime while you can chef and heal....you have my sincerest wishes for a healthy recovery......

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I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience, hopefully you'll be back on track soon. I have an idea of what it's like, my brother had seizures for about 20 years before he passed away. My you improve with God speed.

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