Just got a Sous Vide- Now What

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So I just got a sous vide, and I'm very excited about the possibilities. So many delicious things to start cooking. Since I've yet to unpack it, what is the single best thing to cook sous vide? If I were to only to use it once time, what should that one item be? I figure, I might as well start off strong before I start experimenting with it, though I'm really looking forward to just cooking soft boiled eggs sous vide, I'd love to hear your must-dos.

Thanks all
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Sous vide is great for a number of reasons. It allows you to do some things that are impossible with just about any other cooking method (think things like 48-hr short ribs, etc).

I would start of easy and with things that are familiar. Most all tender proteins (like steaks, chops, etc) are fantastic sous vide. I might start with a simple chicken breast...this is a good litmus test for showing what can be done with sous vide. 

It can be as simple as bagging the protein with whatever aromatics and fat you want (say, thyme and butter) and cooking at 138f for 1.5 hours. This will give you a tender, juicy and delicious chicken breast. Season after, sear in a pan (skin on or skin off), slice and serve. 

Something like that where you get instant, comparable results is a good start. Then you can move on to eggs, vegetables, long cooking things, etc. 

Theres tons more though. 
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I think fish is a good way to try out a sous vide. Maybe Halibut? It's a difficult fish to cook with conventional methods. A good poached Halibut with a great sauce would be awesome.
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I can strongly recommend doing some slow cooked eggs.

Very straightforward - for a poached egg, preheat the sous vide to about 145° (I usually go for 146°). Pop the eggs straight in, in their shells, for 45 minutes.

Remove them from the water, peel the top open like it's a hard boiled egg, and pour it into a small bowl. You'll find the loose white just falls away, and you'll be left with a perfectly egg shaped poached egg, with the best yolk in the world.

Pop that into some simmering water to set it, or just eat as is, and serve. They're good!
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