Just getting started, time for the ubiquitous 'which knife?' post...

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    Hi all, I've decided to post here after reading so many threads my head is reeling.

    I'm the primary cook at home, a work from home dad, who's always enjoyed cooking. But now with two young ones, time is at a premium and I want to have good tools to help me get the job done faster.

    I've been adjusting my grip so that it's more of a pinch grip and I tend to favour a rocking motion cut. I have a nice solid wood board and no experience sharpening my own tools, except with an extremely coarse steel. I live in a remote area however, so when I order my first chef's knife, I'll be ordering the starter set of stones from CKtG.

    Since I'm going to be learning on this knife and learning to sharpen, I'm after something under $200 (preferably a lot under!). I don't really care about wa or yo handles, I don't have an opportunity to really try these, so I'll figure it out as I go along.

    Here's what I've got in mind:
    1. Richmond Artifex
      Cheap, well reviewed, can afford to stuff it up as I learn to sharpen
    2. Richmond Addict 2 AEBL
    3. Masamoto VG
    4. Outlier: Itinomonn Kurouchi
    Ideally I'd prefer to keep the whole purchase including the stones set under $300. I'll add to it over time and plan to get some cheaper Victorinox knives for things like boning and petty knives.

    Storage is also a problem, but one I'll approach later.

    Thanks for the assistance!