Just found a new way to make (cook) sausage... L&S. What other meats can I use?

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Recently discovered a way to make sausage. Heat up a Dutch oven on the stove top, just enough to melt a bit of butter to coat the bottom. Throw in the sausage. Throw in some garlic cloves, a whole onion roughly cut, an entire head of cabbage roughly cut, and some salt. Cover, and cook in the oven @ 200F for 4 hrs. Unbelievable.

What other meats can I use to do the same thing?

Thanks in advance.
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And here I thought you found a new way to "make" sausage . . . not a new way to "cook" sausage.

I routinely sautee red cabbage in bacon drippings with fennel, or caraway, sausage and I add sliced apples at the end to cook just till soft then add the bacon back.
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