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If you had the oppurtunity to interview any chef from any period in time (living or dead) who would it be and why? What questions would you ask he or she? also what impact did this chef have on your carreer
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A couple of Chefs from the past that I would have liked to converse with would be Escoffier and Careme. These two Chefs are the greater part of what Classic French Cuisine is all based on, as well as many other cuisines that have been influenced by. I would like to be there beside them and watch them work (of course I would also assist them in any way I could); I would want to be there to see and experience what they were putting fourth, in hopes of getting a greater understanding of how they did what they did, which is cherrished from generation to generation of cooks and chefs.

And it was kind of wierd....When I first started going to culinary school, I thought that I would be interested in reading some cookbooks to get more familiar and intune with the classes. I had no idea who Escoffier was. I went to an used bookstore and was looking for some books that would be interesting. I found myself with alot of books but I wasn't interested in them until the very end of my visit. I found a book titled "Esccofier Cookbook" and looked at it and it stated that it was an English translation of "Le Guide Culinaire" by the "Great French Master Chef". So I said "I guess I'll take this one; It's written by a Chef" Little to my suprise we talked about this very person the next day in class and very much throughout the class. I belive my first book was the best book I could have purchased.
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Good question....I've been thinking about this all day (off and on)

Ok chef (James Beard was a writer not a chef)
Thomas Keller
El Bulli's chef (?)
these are the guys doing cool stuff...they have fun and play....they play hard and achieve wonderful things. I've met Mr Keller and loved his integrity. What a guy!
He has made an incredible career with style.

El Bulli's chef ....forgive me I do not remember his name....Creates with imagination and uses tools and commodities that others have not done....

Paul Prodhomme....generous, lovely person who layers spices adding them throughout the cooking process

John Folse CEC Lafitte's Landing was amazing
a total experience

Warren LaRuth...Oh baby what meals he created

Whoever was cooking at Bagwell 2424 in Hawaii in 1979
Whoever was cooking at Nikolais Roof in Atlanta in 1980
Amazing restaurant experiences....

Memerable meals, flavor combinations that are stored in my memory, Finesse, the perfection that they had in the total dining experience.
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Michelle Richard because he seems very personable and I like his work.

Shirley ? the author of Cookwise. I could learn a lot from her.
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Paula Wolfert
Elizabeth David
Joel Robuchon
Julie Sahni
Nancy Silverton
Charlie Trotter
Diana Kennedy (she's sort of bitchy!!)

I'm sure I could think of more.
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Barbara Tropp, who has achieved tremendous success as a chef, while facing personal adversity with incredible grace. She is a role model for our industry.


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First time I went to France I visited the Chateau de Versailles. I went for the kitchen tour right away. I would go back in time. Careme, La Varenne. I would love to know more about the food at the time of Louis XIV in France. How they did all those pieces montees.

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The Chef at El Bulli is Feran Adria. I had an incredible lunch there at the end of May. An awe inspiring experience where every one of the 20 odd dishes we were served for the tasting menu was a totally original creation.He himself is charming and unassuming. No chef or cook could fail to profit from meeting him and trying his unique preparations
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Feron has just opened a B&B he sounds amazing. There has to be a sense of play to get results that he gets.
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