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Hello all.

My name is Rick and I like scrambled eggs. i like some other things, but I cook a lot of scrambled eggs for myself. I'm a struggling actor but hoping to become a better cook. I'll probably be asking some silly questions, but hopefully I can get some good advice and make some friends. Bon appetit!
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There's nothing wrong with scrambled eggs, so long as the results do not llook or taste like dessicated golf-balls!

I hope you will make time to read some of the great articles on the site - and look at the amazing photographs. Lots of inspiration to be found in both.

Feel free to post any questions you may have in the relevant forum on here. All we ask is that you treat the Professional fora as 'read only' - they are specifically for those who work in the culinary professions, but they make interesting reading, nonetheless:lol:
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Hi Rick, Welcome to CT.

I'm getting that you like scrambled eggs. Why dont you start a thread and ask us for some great ideas.

Personally, when im feeling flush, I like mine with smoked salmon and loads of black pepper, but that may not stretch to a struggling actors budget.

Look forward to hearing from you

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