just dont know what to think

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well,my season at the best kitchen ever came to an end.all the education i got there and friends ive made ill take with me where ever i go.now im back at my old job in a god awful pub again.if that wasn't bad enough my chef and sous come into the pub for a beer and to visit me,when they drop the bomb and tell me they both have been let go.i was just blown away both these guys are great they do whatever it takes to get the job done, give credit when credit is due,and are just great guys.I just don't know what to do? do i go back next season,back to fine dining a style i truly come to feel passionate about.i just don't think it'll be the same.If you got a great team,a kitchen staff where everyone gets along and the job gets done on time and efficiently why mess with it.


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Unfortunately, you don't know the whole story, just one side. My suggestion is give it another season, you might be pleasantly surprised. Even if you are not, it's only a seasonal job so the end is always in sight!
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Right! Pete's got a point. Its seasonal so don't expect something more. Just do whatever it takes to keep your job done. If a team do a great team work then messing it wasn't a good idea.
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Hey, John -- are you saying that the fine-dining place you were at (with that great chef and sous) has let you all go and is closed until next year? And that you are back at a boring, awful pub kitchen? That's not so terrible, actually, even though it may seem like it right now. (At least you have a job!) Here are your options:
  1. Keep in touch with the chef and/or sous, so that if they are rehired next season, they'll make sure to hire you back, too.
  2. Keep in touch with them so that if they get work somewhere else, they will let you know and give you a chance to work in their new kitchen(s).
  3. Use as much as you can that you learned in the fine-dining place at the pub. You'd be surprised, but good technique and good work habits are always GOOD and can make any job seem better than it might actually be.
The whole point is to keep in touch and keep up your skills. In this business, the best way to get a really good job in a really good place is to keep working for the really good people and do a really good job for them. You keep learning, and they keep bringing you along. And then someday, they decide that you are good enough to replace them!

Chefs may move around a lot, especially ones who work seasonally. I don't know if you could move, if they (or one of them) does and wants you to work for him, but if you can consider it, then definitely keep in touch with them any way you can!

You made good friends, you learned a lot -- as you said, that will always be with you. But it's up to you to make it keep happening. :thumb:
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they only terminated the chef and sous.the rest of us are more than welcome back next season.talked to the gm yesterday and he definatley wants me to come back,got a party in january gonna do this party see how it goes.still keep in touch with the chef and sous. would be pleasure to work for or even with those guys again some place else,started lookin at the restaurant around town for fine dining.we got a bunch where i live just incase things dont work out at my seasonal.the pub i work for now is all right just wanna do somthin more right now,somthin to be proud of pub grub is ok but ive been doin it for 6 years.workin with these guys basically gave me a good part of a 30,000 dollar education and an avenue of cooking not only did i not know but didnt know id enjoy so much.well life moves on.thanks for the input guys apreciate it.
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