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Hi all! I just found this forum when searching for culinary student forums. I've always loved cooking and baking (the latter more than the former) and I wanted to go to the CIA straight from high school, but my mother nixed that idea and said I had to go to a four-year university. Since she was footing the bill, I had no choice, so I went to UNCW and got my bachelor's in Psychology (aka, the family business). But my passion still lies with baking and I'm planning on attending a baking & pastry arts program.

I'm here to find some information on what life as a baker is like and to figure out the reputations and pros & cons of the schools I'm looking at (FCI, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (Vancouver, BC), and L'Academie de Cuisine (the most likely candidate since it's a Metro ride away).

Thanks for any help!
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

We are a site with a membership from around the world - and all levels of culinary ability.  We have lots of interesting info on the site; the wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photography are all worth taking a look at - if only for inspiration!

We have a culinary student forum on the site - if you post your question in there, I'm sure you will get a lot of opinions about the best place for your career ambitions!
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