Just came aboard. Looking for advice.

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Hello everyone. Thanx for having this forum. Just signed up and appreciate all the help and encouragement there is here. I grew up in N.Y. Loved the hot dog carts and hot dog trucks all my life. Always wanted to try to have one someday. Now I do. A nice little stainless steel cart that I can trailer around. I currently live in San Diego. Was very hard and costly to get the cart approved. Have done a couple of events. But were so many other food booths that I just broke even. I have a full time job also. But will be semi retiring to Vero Beach Fla. at end of year. Hope to be able to use my beloved hot dog cart there. Anyone know the red tape I will face trying to get set up there? Thanx for all the advice I've read already, hope to read some more. Fatsky.
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Hi Fatsky- welcome to Chef Talk. Usually I direct such questions to the appropriate forum, and ask the poster to return here to introduce him/herself.

However, in your case, I happen to know of a direct link (if you'll excuse the poor pun). A former colleague of mine is the owner of Hot Dog University: http://www.hotdogu.com/. He's been here a Chef Talk, but not for a bit. Mark knows the business very well and can answer all your general questions, as well as directing you to the right person for local information such as licensing, etc.

Now that that's taken care of, how about a little introduction? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

There's a ton of information here beyond the discussion forums, so I hope we see you here often. Our community is a great mix of professionals and home cooks from all over the world (even Antarctica now and then). Good luck with your venture.



P.S.- please check your e-mail
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