Just a bit of pie help :)

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I was just wondering if someone could help me out..

A few months ago I had the best pie I've ever had in a restaurant. It was an apple raspberry pie with something along the lines of an oat streusel topping.

After looking around on the internet I can't find a recipe that is an apple raspberry pie with a strusel topping. All I can find are apple raspberry pies with regular pie crust or a lattice top.

I found what looks to be a good recipe for an oat streusel topping and what looks to be a good apple raspberry pie recipe (which has a choice of a regular top or a lattice top)

So I was just wondering if I could combine these two recipes without there being any issues?

Sorry I'm a huge newbie in the world of pie making lol

Thanks for the help! =)
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Just about any pie can be open faced, completely topped w/ slits for steam, lattice topped or struesel topped. Although I think a struesel top is more fitting for a crumble or cobbler.

while you shouldn't have any issues I would hesitate to put the struesel on during the initial bake. Instead i would favor adding it at the halfway point so that it doesn't get burnt. If it is a bit undercolored you can finish it off quickly by turning on the broiler for a minute or two.
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Thats what I was figuring, but I wasn't fully sure, thanks for the fast reply by the way I'm planning on making this pie tonight.. Along with the pumpkin ones I'm doing for Thanksgiving lol

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