Just a bit of advice , once again :P

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by kaiquekuisine, Jan 6, 2014.

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    So as i have probably stated in a previous thread i have been out of work for the last 2 month. 

    Its horrible staying home i know lol. 

    Regardless of that i start school to get my degree in management in Febuary and was called for a job interview tomorrow. 

    Since i will be studying int he morning the fact that this job was for working at night , along witht he fact the hours werent to long and decent pay , i gained interest. 

    Obviously i dont find myself a shoe-in for this job because well it doesnt involve actual cooking. 

    I have an interview tomorrow to work at a Sushi Restaurant , as assistant sushiman , and wanted to know your opinions. 

    I think it could be a great way to broaden my horizons , as well as learn from a few well trained people. 

    The owner trained under japanese chefs and has a degree in the field. While the other is a LCB graduate and worked in Paris for a few years. 

    Obviously it isnt my dream job , and it doesnt have to be , but i feel like this job could give me the chance to work in a new enviroment , while mainting a not so hectic schedule , as well as sharpen up on my knife skills. 

    Its a whole new cuisine , and a whole new art , but i may just take the oppuortunity so i have a job to help me finish school, pay the bills ,a nd end up learning a things or 2 ( or who knows thousands of new things). 

    So what do you guys think?

    Like i said i don´t have the job yet, but who knows maybe ill ace the interview. 

    Never worked with Raw fish, sushi etc.. ( though i have eaten it alot) but im not inexperienced either. 
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    Good Luck at your interview!