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    It's been around five years since I've worked a line position, i've never had consecutive experience on the grill, and I've never had two jobs. Now I have a second 32 hour (first one's a 40 hour morning Garde Mange) full-time rocking all three. One month into it and 2nd baby (Izza 9/19) pops out. I've been on LOA for two weeks and starting my morning gig this friday.

    I've had only one steak come back saying over-done on a flat (advice on grilling a flat?). I've adjusted my station setup to better suit the flow of the "dance." I come from a very dissaplined kitchen (labling, recipes, health code, appearance, technique) and find it a bit difficult to allow myself to the standards of the line job (do i hold true or passover the unnoticed sins til i can tend to them once i have a better understanding of the how much and how to prep whats needed...). Advice towards relative times on hatch-mark and flip, grilling from hottest zones out...how to use my oven effectively to increase output... What can I use a salamander more for other than melting cheese and toasting crumble on a steak (I haven't had a comeback yet on the Mignon but I'm concerned that the time the cumbles toast in the 'mander wil effect my temp).

    Any advice: timing, comunication, temps heat zones...
    Would be greatly appreciated