July 4th 2010

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   Thanks for sharing your 4th of July picture Petals /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

   I was working on the 4th, which was essential a fairly slow day (which is good for our customers!)   My family and I celebrated our Independence Day on the 3rd.  We watched some fireworks and the kids got to climb on various heavy equipment, it was a good day.  When the lowering of the flag was started my kids first noticed all the military personnel saluting.  Remembering a recent thread, here at ChefTalk, I chuckled and told my kids as long as your civilians you hold your hand over your heart like this.


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Aww, your kids are the cutest...especially the little one. Thanks for sharing your 4th of July experiences. Mine was just the ordinary family get together and watching fireworks after, it was fun though.
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