JULY 2021 CHALLENGE: Vintage American recipes!

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So where is the Wisconsin butter burger? The Syracuse salt potatoes, chicken riggies? The hot brown sandwich? Carolina dipped chicken? Cincinnati chile 3, 4, 5 ways? Oklahoma onion burger? Lobster roll from the shores of Maine?

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Well, WOW! That was a ride. Many interesting entries, at first I dreaded the idea of having to pick someone. But as I went through everything, taking notes and all, my pick was getting clearer and clearer.

I really loved the baked beans, the pulled pork with sweet potato and squash, the fact that he made his own sourdough sandwich bread (and then two different sandwiches), the chicken casserole, and Manhattan is one of my favourite drinks! So the winner is: @brainshaw. Congratulations!

Your turn now. I can't wait to see the theme.

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