July 2020 Challenge - Italy

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Great job Mike! And great choice of a challenge slayertplsko. Well done all.
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One last go. Stromboli alla Papa Tarantino.

In the late 80's we were regulars at a place called Tarantinos in Pasadena, CA. They had nightly all you can eat specials. My favorite night was stromboli, but it wasn't typical of that term today. It was rolled and then cut before baking forming what is best described as a large (a strapping young 20 something could not really eat two!) savory cinnamon roll shape but with the dough closer to pizza crust than bread. I got it in my head to make it once the lockdown started, I think, and here is my 5th try. It's not quite right yet, but all attempts have been good as in the end its some sort of bread, cheese, veg, and meat, and a marinara sauce :)

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It was a fun place. Small, with a continuous long table down the middle and two tops on one side and four tops on the other. If you were lucky Papa Tarantino would come out and sing near the end of the night. I visited again when on a college hunting trip with my daughter several years ago. I understand he passed in his late 90's and his grandson has the place now, but his son still is around the kitchen as well.
We picked up a Stromboli tonight from Tarantino's. It was not as bready I was expecting; thin pizza dough studded with goodies. It may have been a little raw but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The dining room looks so welcoming. Made me want to sit down and eat there with my family. IMG_20200814_181344.jpg I'll definitely order again.
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