July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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July in my small part of the world means the garden is coming in. The farmers market is going at full speed. Tomatoes, beans, squash, greens, and all kinds of good stuff are out on the tables.. One Asian American farmer has fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are exotic to the area. This gives a small rural farmers market an international feel. As a site that has members all over the world some of you may have to think fresh harvest even if it is winter where you are. The challenge for July is:

Fresh Produce: fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs

It can be a meal or a dish. What you grow, what you bought, or what you foraged. Fungi are included.

Morning Glory, hope you are feeling better and able to participate this month.

Have Fun,

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I really hope I can participate in this one. Good thing I'll be eating from the garden so no excuses this month!
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Good idea! Unfortunately I will likely not be harvesting anything from my little garden for a while, but the Salt Lake area has some great farmer's markets.


That scrawny stalk in the lower right is a black hungarian pepper, hope it gets better.

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I'm going to do my best to do the dish I was going to make for June before running out of time. I'm glad it works for both, I was happy to have come up with something and sad to miss my chance to make it.


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I was noticing I have some harvestable basil. I've got a busy food week already with the holiday so it will be delayed.
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Should be able to find something to make, even though it is winter in my part of the world ;)
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Yes anything may be added to the dish.

(PS that was not a typo, it was a misspelling. I don't know how to correct it.)
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Yes anything may be added to the dish.

(PS that was not a typo, it was a misspelling. I don't know how to correct it.)

If you can't edit the title yourself, hit the report button at the bottom of your thread starter and explain and a mod. should correct it for you I think.

To correct it yourself, look top right of your starting post. There should be a 'Thread Tools' option. Click on it to get a drop down menu and choose 'Edit Title' then correct the spelling. There is only a limited time in which we can edit posts so it may be too late...
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Okay made some garlic scape miso butter. Also has some black pepper, lemon zest, and juice. It's probably okay without acid in the freezer, but I am paranoid about botulism in anarobic conditions.

I like to have different compound butters on hand year round, but this being my busy bbq season I'll burn through the 3 pounds I made before the end of the month. It's great on seafood, but it's good on steak too. That little bit of acid cuts through fatty ribeye so good and the miso bumps umami through the roof. Doing a big seafood heavy graduation party this weekend.

Here's the butter in use on lobster and corn. Also grilled the cueball squash and charred some scapes. Those had chili oil and salt only. Lobster was $4.44 /lb up here! Hard shell, full of meat too. Got meat picked out for another dish and lobster stock in the freezer now.

I changed up my lobster grilling technique and it worked out great. I used to cut them in half and grill indirect until mostly done, then char hard. It worked okay but did dry out a bit. Now I leave the thing in tact to start other than a spike through the head. Cook it mostly through, steaming in its own shell. Cut in half, then apply the butter. Back on the grill both sides. Lobster meat is much juicier this way.
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This is great. Things are in season here and I have the next four days off (Thanks, boss). I'll get the camera working.
Oddly enough, I just did grilled vegetable skewers for a party last weekend that would have been a good entry.
I was going to work on the house but I'll be at the orchard tomorrow morning instead. I made ramp butter this year so I'll see if I can include that. And I just told someone at work today I was thinking of checking lobster prices for dinner. Seems tomorrow will be a cooking day.
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Let's give this a try, even though not all went as it should....
The tomatoes came from my neighbours, the onion from the shop
02 tomatoes and onions.jpg

The dough was made out of sourdough and part whole wheat flour,
The base sauce consisted of cream cheese with home made Burmese chili sauce and the juice from the tomatoes (totally to the left, didn't really want to go on the picture)
I used very mature cheese (I can't get decent mozzarella andactually prefer "normal" cheese
03 dough and ingredients.jpg
And as you can guess, this was going to be a pizza.
I was going to make it in my ew (for me) little uuni pizza oven, but struggled to lit the wood pellets.
Plan B had to come into action and I had to use the normal oven

Still had some fresh basil growing
01 basil.jpg

And the end result...
04 pizza out of oven.jpg

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