Jr. Sous looking to start his knife roll/collection

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Thanks for the suggestions

Right now The 240 selection is down to these contenders..
Anryu Blue #2
Masakage Yuki
Ikazuchi blue super
Or really cheap out and get a tojiro DP lmao
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My opinion, For what ever its worth to you /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif  If I could only have 5 knifes I would have [one or the other] A 9'' MAC chefs's knife [stainless steel with a European style handle] Or if your place of work understands and accepts the nomenclature of carbon steel, I would choose a K Sabatier Au Carbone 9" chefs knife [you can have the factory engrave your name on the P.O.M handle scales and or a cool logo. Next I would have a stainless steel paring knife, Buy the 3" Wusstof that comes with a nice pare of kitchen shears [that come apart so you can clean them] I'ts a great deal at about 25 Bucks! Also the wusstof 3" parer was voted fav by America's test kitchen for what it's worth.

Then my third Knife would be a VERY flexible 4 star elephant Sabatier from The Best Things.com [In carbon steel] awesome for boning or filleting a fish. My fourth knife would have to be the MAC 10" professional serrated bread knife, it is unique in that it is re-sharp-enable and cuts like there is no tomorrow, the serrations are a bit wide and spaced apart for cake,BUT because it is so crazy sharp it WILL trim and torte a cake, this knife also utilizes a off set handle so your fists miss the cutting board. And lastly my 5th knife would be a Carbon steel butchers slicing knife [like a scimitar or catuse or French or bullnose],,,this is for breaking down and slicing large cuts of protein or breaking down and custom fabricating a animal. [my personal knife is a 12" Vertible Bresswick Chef Au Ritz Bullnose butcher-slicer {carbon steel probaly made in late 40s or 50s in Paris]  

my wild card would be at number six....lol a,, Havalon surgical scalpel This is because I do a lot of butchering of wild game and domesticated Hogs, and this does very well at eviscerating and skinning [you can also buy mini bone saw blades that fit in to the handle for bone, This knife is food safe because it is sanitary by nature. [this would also in my mind defeat the need for a petty-utility blade especially if you have a pare of good clean-able kitchen shears as mentioned above] [it folds AND its easy to clean] so you can have it on your person if you wish.     
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I would be really sad if only having a Masakage Yuki and needing to do sweet potatoes all the time. Knives like Itinomonn (my above photos of the knife thickness) will excel at that task while the Yuki will more tend to wedge and split. 

I suspect the Anryu might suffer the same problems.

Ikazuchi would be a pretty good choice as well. Again though I think you'll probably need to factor import fees into your estimate.

Tojiro DP plus some time thinning on the stones isn't a bad option, honestly. And it's so much cheaper than the rest you won't be heartbroken by how it looks after thinning haha. 
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I have no personal experience with it but word on the street is the anryu excells at sweet potatoes and root veg.
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