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Hi guys,

So my cafe is focused on healthy cuisine and I want to make my own turkey sausage, but all the recipes call for jowl, does anyone know if you can use a turkey fat in place of jowl ?
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I have a similar problem with fatback. I can't seem to find many sausage recipes that doesn't want it or bacon in it.  I assume this is following two concepts. 1. keeping the sausage moist. 2. Everything better with a little pig.

I know this doesn't really answer your question; but I've always wanted try mixing in some cold gelatinous demi-glace.  It's a very low-fattening way to enrich a lot of things. 
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First of all, I don't think turkey fat would work in a sausage, because it melts into schmaltz. Fat in sausages performs several functions, but it should exist in discreet pieces. Depending on the style of sausage, this could mean chopped very small, or large hunks. But the texture depends on it.

That's why the original recipes call for fat rather than lard.

More to the point, there are several things that, despite wishful thinking, for which there are no substitutes for. Many---perhaps most---of them are pork fat of one kind or another. While you can replace the pork fat with something else, both the taste and texture can suffer as a result.

One question for you, Chefette: Even if it worked, why would turkey fat make the end result any healthier than pork fat?

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