Jovial organic olive oil?

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Has anyone ever tried this?

Olive oil is one of the cooking territories I never explored, and I tend to just buy whatever is on the shelves at the supermarket, could be Kirkland (Costco) or Trader Joe's organic olive oil. I am trying to step up and find a better olive oil, I'm just not too sure where to start, and since I just bought einkorn flour from Jovial I was looking at their organic olive oil.

If you don't know Jovial, any other recommendation to getting started with "better" quality organic olive oil?
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Depends what you like. I Ike the Trader Joes Spanish evoo quite well. It's not particularly strong or fruity but nicely balanced. I enjoy high tocophenol oils, which are those that catch in your throat or are called bitter by some. Redstone has a California Kalamata that's quite strong right now. Too strong for the rest of my family's taste.

Costco was clearing out some Tunisian evoo late last year that was quite good to my tastes as well. Good fruitiness and not too strong.

Grassy oils are liked by many as well. Just go taste some and see what you like.
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I know if you are not careful in the stores you pay for the pretty bottle not the taste.
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I work a lot with olive oil ( import and distribution) strictly Spanish and organic. However there is a nice brand called Grumpy goats that took some awards in new york and is very nice.

I have no financial interest in this brand at all. It's damn tasty.
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I've never enjoyed Spanish oils for the exact reasons Phatch likes them.

If you ever come across Sitia olive oil try it, it's the brand that my own trees contribute to.
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Forgot to mention, Grumpy Goats is from California.
Another one to look for is Soler Romero, it is from the Jaen region of Spain, and is exported to the US. I've been to the Orchard and estate where they grow and produce.

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