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Just saw 60 minutes where they did a story on this Chef...wrapping cotton candy around sea food is just one of the inventions that amazed me. Knowing very little about him he seems impressive. I assume he is a big name in the culinary world?

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I've eaten at Andres' Atlantico mini bar in DC.....vanilla cotton candy was wrapped around a small square of foie, it was wonderful.
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 I have seen a couple of No Reservations with Andres in them. He just comes across as an EXTREMELY passionate and playful dude when it comes to food.


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Jose Andres had a good PBS series you could probably find online or at a library, Made in Spain. Cooks spanish cuisine and takes your around and shows you different products, regions and restaurants. Was an excellent program.
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In all honesty, I was more than just a bit skeptical about the whole Molecular Gastronomy idea in the beginning. As with anything, it was the lack of knowledge that fueled the skepticism. Yet as I've seen more and more about it it...I am starting to not only understand things more clearly but am intrigued by the whole approach. I can't say that under current circumstances I am going to attempt things or add them to my repertoire, but if we are in DC and can plan long enough in advance........ I would definitely consider trying to get seats and like to visit the Mini Bar. But since I'm no Tony Bordaine or Anderson Cooper, I may be a great deal older and.... well....... if I had any hair....more gray before I can get a reservation. 
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   Ferran Adria

   Oh NO! 
First of all we would like to thank everybody who has shown an interest in visiting us to enjoy the El Bulli experience during these fifty years as a restaurant. Also to all the professionals who have been part of the team and helped make it happen.

On July 30th 2011 El Bulli will have completed its journey as a restaurant. We will transform into a creativity center, opening in 2014. Its main objective is to be a think-tank for creative cuisine and gastronomy and will be manage by a private foundation.

We regret not being able to fulfill any more reservation requests. Demand has immediately exceeded our scarce availability. This has been the case over the last few years and is certainly the most bitter note. It makes us very sad.

The format and structure will be completely different from the current model and, therefore, we regret to announce reservations are now closed.

We believe that this foundation will be a commitment to the cultural future of creative cuisine and we feel that El Bulli can offer the lines of action to attain great objectives in this field.

Due to the demand received and this being the last year for reservations, we must inform you that this message is our last and request no further applications.
   I had hoped to eat there one day.  It looks like it's too late for me/img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif.  A good friend of mine, however, is going to be in Barcelona before they close.  He's going to try and see if he can (somehow) get reservations before they close the doors.  If anyone has the means, now is the time to go.

   I will be just as sad if The French Laundry closes before I get a chance to eat there.  The building has certainly been there for some time...I can only hope that the Laundry continues to serve food in the years to come.   /img/vbsmilies/smilies/redface.gif

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