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I was actually just thinking of The Bronx Tale.
Great movie.
Love DeNiro.
Which brings me to: How could I forget Taxi Driver?

Then there's The Driver with Bruce Dern and Ryan O'Neal.

Speaking of Unforgiven (remember, we were :rolleyes: ), I love Gene Hackman.
He was great with Willem Dafoe in Mississipi Burning.
Just watched him again in The French Connection and Hoosiers.
Didn't care for him so much as Lex Luthor though, lol.
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Ahhh, I was hoping The bronx Tale would be remembered. DeNiro is an interesting actor.
There are some pretty good movies with Michael Douglas and Sean Connery they has come out with a few good ones too.
Taxi Driver.....yes, Jodie Foster and the Cybil Sheppard ....that one ?
The movie with Ryan O'neal, wans't that about a bad cop ?

"Speaking of Unforgiven (remember, we were :rolleyes: ), I love Gene Hackman." Sure do.
The french Connection was pretty good, I must say.
Scent of a woman with Al Pacino ?
I have to say that I really enjoyed "Dead Poet's Society". How did you like these ones ?
And where it the boss ?
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A small list:

Lock,Stock and two smoking barrells...both by Guy Ritchie, convoluted, funny british underworld movies. Jason Statham got his start here before he pushed out a buncha crap.

The Black Fox, Inspector General, The Court Jester and White Christmas .... noone else gets me all nostalgic about my youth like Danny Kaye. singer, dancer and comedian this man is a freaking legend. He is the only reason I can listen to musicals at all.

The Evil Dead series ... I love Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi is a great director.

I have more love and like but here are a few I think are overated:

Pulp Fiction: sometimes Quentin Tarantino just doesn't get it right and you end up watching a buncha scenes instead of a movie. i feel this happened here and with Inglorious Basterds.

Dances with Wolves: I really wanted to like this movie when it came out, Last of the Mohicans (great film) was just out and this looked to be in the same vein. couldn't stay awake, fell asleep four times trying to watch this flick, twice in the middle of the day.

well that should be enough for now..more later
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Forgot about the Guy Ritchie movies.
Snatch is incredible.
I watched it with the Pikey subtitles so I could more easily understand what Brad Pitt's character was saying.
At one point he rattles off a long line of something and the subtitle reads "???".
Even they couldn't figure out what he said. :lol:
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My husband and I had our date night last night. We went to see Bold and Fresh at a movie theatre. Can I include this one?

or maybe not...:look:
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Okay I am back, what happened to the club.  Best of Youth is a wonderful movie I just saw, 6 hrs.
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