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I thought it might be a good idea if anybody knows any websites or resources to help find jobs overseas (if someone wants to work abroad). I'd like to know too lol. If anybody knows some list them here please.
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craigslist, I wouldn't even consider it if you don't speak the native language fluently of the country you want to work in and if you plan on working in Europe they pretty much don't care about your degree and will make you start as a porter or vegetable prep cook, also ake sure the place you are going has some credentials that you'll really be working before you set off. I tried to work oversees and although I was an exec chef in the US I would've been washing dishes in Belguim.
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Wow, I found the opposite, left the US and had no problems finding work in London. From London it was easy to find agencies recruiting for other parts of Europe and I never looked back. It's particularly easy to find work in the Alps during the winter, lots of demand and free skiing for 3 months! I got a foot in the door with American style restaurants to begin with and branched out to better quality places once I'd found my feet. I never worked lower than Head Chef.:chef:

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