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I did a job interview yesterday at a new small bakery/coffee shop. It haven't open yet and in the process of opening ... It was already a bakery cafe before but I never been to that place before.

Anyway my situation is that I'm currently working at a cupcake place since April and if this new place offer me a job. It risky cause I never try their products because it havent been open yet and they are currently trying to put a team together. Also I won't know if the products are made from scratch or products from outside like for example pre-made cake batters, so I can't wait until they are open to try it since they already would have a team of people and there will be no jobs available.

Also I don't know if the work environment is better than the cupcake place or the pay or even the employees to see if we work well. There are various bakery positions which are for sure, head baker and assistant bakers, what the pay rate do you think they get pay as a head baker and assistant baker of a small bakery/coffee shop? right now I'm an assistant baker at the cupcake with a pay of $11/hr and just found out that the head baker get 14/hr and she wish the pay is higher.

Is there such a position as 2nd in command like sous chef version of a baker?

The only pro for the new bakery/coffee shop is that it a general bakery meaning they probably offer different things like muffins, pastries, cakes and so on, which means I can learn more about making stuff than at the cupcake place.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? The things we do at the cupcake place is make batters, measure ingredients for the next day, scoop and bake batters, make frostings and pipe frosting on cupcakes, that's what we do everything day. The other assistant bakers and i don't decorate cakes, only the head baker does it

sorry for the long read :p

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It's apparent that you have never interviewed for a place just opening up. All your questions are justified but not answerable.

I have been in that situation before and I'll tell you it's not easy. You have no idea what your getting into because nothing has been established yet. This could also be a good thing as YOU will put your mark on the place.

I can't offer much in the way of advice. This type of thing is a crap shoot at best.

I know that the interview is over, but you may wish to add this to your experiences for the future and ask those questions you asked us to the owner/operator.  Let us know what you decide....
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I've had very mixed experiences working on the opening crew for new places.

1) They tend to overhire. Expect to have less hours until the enevitable attrition and firings/layoffs take place.

2) New places have a much higher failure rate then established places.

I'd try, if at all possible, to keep working for the old place if you get the job at the new one.
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I got a job offer from the new bakery but it vague ... The owner didn't mention specifically what is my title and what I am doing because she want to discuss next week on the terms

So how can i reply back with a nice email stating what is the job position and the pay. Also want to know if the products are made from scratch or use outside products without insulting owner for asking these questions? If it is from scratch, do you recipes for them or get recipes from the head baker or currently in the process of getting recipes 

It a bit of a read, but just want to cautious and cover my bases

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Wow, you must really be doing some cup cake volume with all that labor.

I'm not understanding the concern on the scratch thing.

When you visit about the terms next week, I don't think it is inappropriate to ask about the job description.

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From scratch mean mix butter sugar eggs and so on ... I don't want scoop out pre made muffin batters from a outside company,.. Get it?

I want to find out the answers to these questions before I accept the job cause If I quit my current job and found out later next week that the answers is worse than I expected then I will not accept the job... The owner want me to start like august 8 which isn't much time with the 2 weeks notice with my current job
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You won't have an opportunity to ask these questions before you accept the job? It's perfectly normal to ask questions and know what you are getting into ahead of time. Make sure you find out before you quit your job. The owner will/should be willing to work with you on your start date...likely it will get pushed back anyways. 

The likely reason the owner didn't discuss specifics with you at the interview is because he/she didn't know them. They need to interview more people and see where they would fit in, etc. 

I'm quite certain that Panini knows what "from scratch" means, I take it that he just doesn't understand what the concern was regarding asking the owner what he/she plans to use. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking these type of are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. 
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Grass always looks greener in other guys garden  Stay where you are, you know what you have and what to expect. The new place will over hire like they all tend to do. Open with a bang,. Then 2 weeks later when it slows down to normal pace let people go for lack of business. Wait till they are opened a while then pop your head back in.
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It can't be that bad ... The cupcake place is getting boring ... Just cupcake only lol

This job is a general bakery and they can change their menu to whatever they want

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