Job reviews saying poor management

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I am a culinary student and i plan to graduate next year. Im searching for jobs/internships. As i search the common thing i see in the reviews all talk about the cons which involve poor or bad management/ceo.  I want to be a chef but i cant tolerate working in a place with bad management or lazy apathetic employees.How can i choose a good place to work that is run correctly or is this just a part of every company that you can't get away from.?
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Remember that reviews are opinions and everyone has a different one. Also everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes a well run operation and I gather that most people think their way is best, whether they are actually in charge or not.

Remember that interviews are two way streets and can yield great insight into a company's culture. Do your due diligence and as many interviews as you can before you have to make a choice. You also have a huge part to play in the selection process, it isn't a one way street.

If you wind up making a less than stellar choice, remember that poorly run operations offer just as many (if not more) learning opportunities, they are just of a different nature and might require a little more digging on our part to get to the gold.
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The way I found my internship was to literally read the top ten/top twenty restaurant lists in my hometown.  Most of them were actually rather new, less than five years old. 

While no guarantee that the restaurants would be managed well but I do believe it goes a long way in that they're doing something right.  Maybe I just lucked out but the owner and staff were a great group of people that took great pride in the restaurant from the front and back of the house.
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Well.....If you believe everything you read on-line, then have I got an investment  opportunity for you!

Fun aside, Yes there are poorly run places, just as there are poor performing employees.  But "poorly run" is an opinion, not a fact.  Last month I fired a waiter for running off to the john every 20 minutes--with his cell-phone.  He argued like a lawyer possessed, but I pointed out to him that people have been relieving themselves without the help of a phone for several hundred thousand years now.  The ex-waiter is still of the opinion that I m a poor manager.  What ever....

There are many highly intelligent army officers who request to be posted to the worst, poorly run units.  Why?  Because they can observe and learn first hand how mistakes are made, and how best to avoid them.  In a well run place you don't get this opportunity

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