job opportunities outside the country available to only higher level employees?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by k2mj0612, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Is it hard to apply for a job in Big company like Hotel outside of your country unless you are going there as a sous chef or above??

    Couple of my friends that already work in the hotel and resort companies such as ritz, fairmont, four season and starwoods have applied other properties (outside their own country) as transfer and have gotten it without any problem, but they told me the due to the fact that they are more likely to sponsor the "management level individuals" rather than "entry or regular colleague level" for the work permit or visa, they had to work their way up to a management position such as sous or chef de partie in the company which they are already in, for even a chance to apply.

    I guess from the hotel's point of view they would rather spend their time and effort to bring more skilled/ talented people than regular colleague level that are looking for a job as a work experience (like me, i'm currently first cook in Fairmont in Canada looking for a chance to go to Dubai) .... what are your guy's thoughts? 
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    It's not usually cost effective for a Hotel to transfer hourly staff to another country. There are exceptions but if you make that list your already on the fast track for promotion. Transfers are a separate issue from "applying" for a job. If you can get a visa/work permit you can apply pretty much any where you like. Just don't expect the company you are applying for a job at to bear the cost of your move or living expense. If you are "applying" for an over seas job in house based on a posted opening then you simply need to talk to HR.

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    Go to your local consulate offices and ask to see someone with regards to working in Dubai.

    Get a list of what you require to get a work VISA and then go through the hoops.   Explain that you don't have an employer yet and see what they say.  Most often if you explain that it is for professional experience they will find a way to make it happen.

    In my case (not in Dubai) I had to show proof that a) you have enough money to support yourself while you stay there, b) that you have a place to stay and the all ways required plane ticket home after your work visa is finished.

    Once I found those things out I sent out letters of introduction and CV's to about a dozen places informing them of when I'd arrive and where I was going to be staying.   A couple asked me to come and stage, several never responded and a few said no thanks try again in the summer (I applied in the off season).

    Overall it was a great 8 months (originally 4 but I got an extension with a written request from my employer)

    In short get your foot in the door and things open up, as pointed out above no one will help you get there / setup. But if you show up and have some skill you will likely do just fine.   You must speak the local language though.