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A friend of mine is going for his third interview at Whole Foods for Demo Chef Specialist. (lasered down to 4 out of 89) He was formally invited to meet with the panel on Tuesday Night at 8:15. The Team Leader that called told him he would send him an email at the addy on his resume to confirm the time.

Five days later, no email....until late today he receives a FW:subject heading email. It was an oops, I forgot to tell you all that you needed to present a 30/60/90 plan to me one day before so I can copy it and present it to the panel for review. Scrolling down, another email appeared, sent on Wednesday at noon, outlining three people he was to contact by email prior to the interview, plus notice that he would be required to present a 3 to 5 minute demo but that's easy peasy, he's ready for that..

At the end of the email he asked all the applicants (4) to please contact him to let him know if they received this email so he did respond this time to let him know that he did get the email. Do you think this is one of those weird, "team member screws up what do you do type tricks?" hehehehehe

His interview is Wednesday morning. He has one day to get the 30/60/90 together plus contact the team leaders he was told to contact and two days until the interview.

HELP!!!! Have any of you worked for Whole Foods? any tips or suggestions? All the demo folks he is supposed to contact are women. The other three interviewees are women. All the research we've found online indicate all women demo specialists. Is it possible for a guy to get this job or do the girls have it locked up?

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