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I am going to have my first serous job interview in a few days. Would like to know..if one should wear thier uniform or come in street clothes. I would think coming in my uniform would be impressive. Plus should I bring in my notes on what I know how to do/make? Very nervous at this moment.:eek:

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I would recommend wearing buissness casual opposed to your whites. Uniforms don't impress me during an interview, but a clean, well dressed applicant does (most of the time)

Your notes are fine, but you should really look the interviewer in the eyes and not rely on notes. It is fine to be nervous, just turn the nervous energy into a confident demeaner.

I wish you success.
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Do not go in uniform-thats for work. Like Cape Chef said business casual, and refrain from high heeled open toed shoes and asst. dangling jewelry
Uniforms, notes, 3 thermometers, etc.... do not impress, just be yourself.
hth, danny
ps, do bring a pen ;)
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At my interviews I dressed casually, not too shabby, but not too fancy. Skip the white uniform.

Check this web site, it has great tips to prepare for an interview. I wish I had found it before I had my interview.

Best of luck to you,

Laura :chef:
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Im so sorry that I didnt get back sooner on this. :( Just noticed this today.
Well...didnt get the job. Some one came in after me said they would take
job for less. (6.65 hour) Still dont have a job yet. ( into my last yr
now) time. Thats what my chef/teacher tells me.

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