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I am looking for the best Jewish cook book available. What do you recommend?
(I suppose I would rather have a book with recipes resembling the food I remember from my childhood, rather than gourmet Jewish fare)
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You could also go into a good used book store and look for community cookbooks from the area you grew up in. We have one from the Beth Israel Sisterhood of Omaha, Nebraska courtesy of a friend of David's mother. What I love about community cookbooks is they give attributions and sometimes funny commentaries. :D
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I agree with Cape. Joan Nathan is the authoratative voice on the kosher kitchen. Also, her Children's Jewish Holiday Cook book is wondeful for bringing the kids in to help! Helen Nash has a good one out there, I believe, called Kosher Kitchen. Nash, as well, has some great insight and well executed recipes.
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Another vote for Joan Nathan. I also have Raymond Sokolov's Jewish American Cookbook, which I like. Synagogue sisterhood cookbooks are great, but be prepared to wade through a lot of kosher kitsch! My acid test, if you will, is the recipe for chicken soup. If it doesn't look good to me, I take a pass.

Does it have to have Kosher recipes?

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